About Us

Debbi Moore Designs Limited is in the North East and South East of England. Based in Darlington and Bury St Edmunds, Debbi Moore Designs Limited is a Craft and Design company with its focus on “Inspiration” manufacturing and designing products for the craft and hobby industry which is distributed worldwide.

With Inspiration always at the centre of the company, 11 years ago our bi-monthly crafting magazine was created. It gave the crafter more than just a magazine full of inspiration. The company has created many crafting products, from paperpacks, to mdf, stencils and even glitters. One of the main product lines is our range of USB/CD ROMs, which have changed the face of digital crafting. This range of digital crafting can be used with any computer in the world and does not need any graphics package or previous computer knowledge, with its click and print system it enables the crafter to enjoy making not just papercrafting but also home décor.

Debbi is a regular guest on Hobbymaker, in the UK and also appears on our Facebook Live shows where she shares her love of Crafting and Inspiration.