Live Every Moment Project

To download the papers for this project, click here

Live Every Moment

A5 White Card Blank
Kraft card
Free Dies
Design Sheet
Backing Paper
Paper flower


Double sided tape
Foam Pads/Silicone Glue
Score Board
Bone Folder
Quickie Glue Pen


  1. Turn your card so the spine is along the top, then from the left hand side measure across 12cm.  From this point cut down 7.5cm. To make the stepper card fold the step section over to make a crease line, then fold it back.  To finish push the steps inside, fold the front score lines to create a mountain and valley. 
  2. Using your chosen backing paper cover the front and back step of your card attaching into place using double sided tape or craft glue.
  3. Cut out your topper and fix to the centre of the left section using foam pads or silicone glue.
  4. Cut out a smaller topper and fix to the back step as shown.
  5. Cut out a ribbon strip from the design sheet and fix along the bottom of the card.
  6. Attach your paper flower on top of the ribbon strip as show.
  7. Cut out a sentiment and fix to the top left hand side of the card using foam pads.
  8. Using your free dies and kraft card, cut out a tree and bird, then fix to the small topper with craft glue.
  9. Cut out some smaller sentiment tags and attach with foam pads as shown.
  10. To finish add self adhesive gems and string to the card..