Side Scene and Square Card Haberdashery Project

To download the papers for this project, click here

Side Scene Sheets

Trimmer/craft knife
Strong Double sided tape
Score board
Bone folder
Foam pads/silicon glue


1. Cut out your main card base (see diagram 1 on the sheet). Cut on the solid lines and score on the broken.  Fold into shape to create a fold back card.

2. Cut out the long tab (see diagram 2 on the sheet), then score the lines and fold.  Then fix it to the bottom of the left hand side of the card and then to the bottom of the right hand side.  (see diagram on the sheet).

3. Fold into shape. Cut out the inner section panel from your design sheet. Then fold back the tabs.  Attach to the middle section of the main card using double sided tape or craft glue.

4.  Cut out your chosen elements to build your scene and fix them onto the tabs as shown.

5. Cut out all the extra items and fix to your card as you wish.

6. Finish by adding touches of glitter with a quickie glue pen and gems.

A4 Square white card blank
Co-ordinating backing papers
Design sheet

Trimmer/ Craft Knife
Blending Mat
Double Sided Tape
Sticky pads/Silicone
Score Board
Bone Folder


1 If your printer will take card print directly onto card, if not print on paper and back onto card now to give extra support. 

2 Using the 2 contrasting papers, cover the front of your card, half on the top and a different one on the bottom.

3 Cut out your ribbon strip and fix along the middle using double sided tape or craft glue.

4 Cut out your main topper with extra elements and decoupage using foam pads or silicone glue.  If using silicone glue leave your work to dry for an hour.

5 Attach your topper to the front of the card as shown.

6 Choose a sentiment and attach it to your topper with craft glue.

7 Finish by adding extra embellishments or glitter.