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    Christmas Collections

    This easy to use Collection contains over 650 different elements that you can print out over and over again. The Santa Claus Get ready for Christmas Collection contains a Christmas table setting, kitchen organiser, cupcake boxes, an advent calendar, mini Christmas cards and box, recipe book, memento book, letter to Santa, jar labels and more. This Collection also contains a verse writer option, which will enable you to input your own text and personalise your projects.

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town Get Ready For Christmas: 

    Advent calendar: 16 elements 4 sheets

    Baubles: 66 elements 12 sheets

    Coasters & placemats: 24 elements 9 sheets

    Napkin holders:36 elements 3 sheets

    Crackers & toppers: 72 elements 6 sheets

    Cupcakebox:48 elements 6 sheets

    Jam labels: 63 elements 6 sheets

    Kitchen organiser: 18 elements 9 sheets

    Letter to santa:13 elements 5 sheets

    Memento book: 93 elements 12 sheets

    Mini cards & box: 46 elements 12 sheets

    Place names:18 elements 3 sheets

    Recipe book: 6 elements 6 sheets

    Present labels: 120 elements 3 sheets

    Canning labels: 66 elements 3 sheets

    Total elements: 651

    Minimum System Requirements for Collection: 

    PC running Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10

    Mac or Linux

    Adobe Acrobat Reader 10

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