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    SteamPunk Collections

    This Collection contains over 1500 printable elements, great for cardmaking and other papercrafts. It also gives a new dimension to your crafting projects that can be enjoyed by beginners or advanced crafters!

    Featuring an easy to use program, this collection is suitable for all crafters especially those who are new to computer aided craft items!


    Steam Punk Inspirational 

    • PAPERS_58 sheets 58 elements
      SCENES_7 sheets 7 elements
      TOPPERS_6 sheets 24 elements
      CHARACTERS_7 sheets 25 elements
      DIGI_6 sheets 6 elements
      SNOWGLOBES_9 sheets 94 elements
      DESIGN_24 sheets 324 elements
      DECOUPAGE_10 sheets 105 elements
      CUBEBOXES_15 sheets 85 elements
      MINI_ENVELOPES_30 sheets 30 elements
      MINI_CARDS_10 sheets 30 elements
      SMALL_SENTIMENTS_4 sheets 156 elements
      LARGE_SENTIMENTS_4 sheets 68 elements
      EMBELLISHMENTS_4 sheets 108 elements
      ROCKERS_10 sheets 90 elements
      MINI_BAGS_6 sheets 18 elements
      SQUARE_BOXES_12 sheets 12 elements
      MINI_PILLOWS_6 sheets 6 elements
      PILLOWS_12 sheets 12 elements
      LARGE_BOXES_12 sheets 12 elements
      C6_ENVELOPES_6 sheets 6 elements
      C6_inserts_6 sheets 6 elements
      SQUARE_INSERTS_6 sheets 6 elements
      SQUARE_ENVELOPES_12 sheets 42 elements
      LARGE_INSERTS_6 sheets 6 elements
      LARGE_ENVELOPES_18 sheets 30 elements
      SIDE_SCENES_16 sheets 176 elements

    This Collection also contains a verse writer option, which will enable you to input your own text and personalise your projects.

    Minimum System Requirements: 

    • PC running Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10/11
    • Mac or Linux
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 10

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