Enamelling and Metal Magic

Enamelling and Metal Magic are a special high grade powder developed by Debbi Moore. This innovative powder enables you to create you own enamel and metal embellishments and also can be used with punches to create whatever shaped embellishment you wish.

Enamel and Metal magic is easy to use. Use a clear embossing ink pad such as Versamark and press this over the area on the card which you wish to emboss. Sprinkle on the powder, emboss with a heat gun, then, once cooled put another layer of ink on.  Sprinkle another layer of powder on and reheat. Whilst the area is still warm you can then stamp your chosen image into the area to create a special embellishment. Alternatively, you can wait until it has has cooled and then punch out your chosen shape.

Enamelling Magic Crystal

Directions:Press clear embossing ink over image. sprinkle enamelling magic over ink. Return excess to jar. Melt powder with heat tool. Repeat the abov...

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